The Traveling Musician

You know the story, you are a working session musician, you would love to take a “break”, take a few days away, maybe even move to an island for a month, but you cannot leave your studio! Duh!

Ok, can you record on top of a mountain? Yes! (And, yes, all of this WILL fit in a small rucksack, I know – I’ve done it! )

You need:

A small laptop with a large battery. Something like a Lenovo X220, old and cheap, now! You can get extra batteries that will give you days of battery!! x230

Recording Software:
This is going to get some people. But here is the thing. You want something that does not crash. You want something that can do anything you can imagine. You want something that will allow you to record in any format you wish and you want something that will produce end sounds as good as anything in the industry. In other words, you need Reaper reaperdaw

I used to think this was “not professional” software, because everyone talked about “Protools” etc… well, no more, no more!
And, it will run no problem, real real fast also on Linux and Mac. $60 to buy outright. How cool is that! (Btw? If you want to get rid of Windoze for your traveling laptop etc? check out MX-17 Linux, small, very fast, excellent everything! )
MX-17 Home (with intro video)

This is also easy: you need the best mic that suits your voice or instrument. I use a DPA 4099v for my violin now because people prefer the sound of that to my larger condenser mics… j1

Also easy, it must be small, portable, USB or Firewire, Thunderbolt etc powered and top quality. I use a Focusrite Scarlett. It has updated drivers and a zero latency option. Very high quality.
Focusrite link
scarlett focusrite2i2

No problem. Personally, I have the Arturia Keylab Mini and an Akai Mini.. the keys on the Keylab are excellent! If you are on a PC, any VST you wish becomes available, if you are on Linux? well, no VST really, plenty to keep you going though till you get back to the studio!
(ps? yes, these are all USB powered and small! take one of them if you need one)
Anyway, you are not after a full production, that will be done when you “get back” to a more permanant place *unless you moved for a month? in which case you have your proper gear!)
for Scott

With this gear in your bag? Pick a mountain, unplug on sing/play what you wish.

The only thing is electricity. Which is why I said, get an old laptop with cheap extra batteries (which is why I said Lenovo…yes, there are cheaper laptops , but the battery price is just crazy…)