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William started playing the violin at 10 years of age, first studying classical music at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music in Scotland.

He is now composing his own highly emotional music, some would say sad instrumental music featuring the violin.

There are three albums of violin music here:

The Naked Violin is the first solo CD – featuring 10 tracks of experimental atmospheres.

Songs of War is one long 45 minute track of highly emotional violin music – 11 songs merged into one long track. This is beautiful violin music to melt your heart.

Evolutions is the last album – still underway. This has some of the most powerfully beautiful sad music made for the violin.

You can listen to, and buy, all three albums on this site as mp3 downloads.

I hope you enjoy the music – don’t hesitate to contact me to let me know!

There are free downloads too, so do have a look around – you are sure to find something you like!

If you are looking for a session violinist to play violin on your tracks(s)

please contact me here where you can also read reviews of my service.

-There are free downloads in the Music section.

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I use (Ableton Live) now Reaper software to record all my work, DPA mics, and Focusrite interfaces . Nothing beats the best! (Update, am looking into Reaper… amazing so far…)

You can listen to tracks from Songs of War by accessing the Buy Music page!

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